Anime Review #004 – Triage X

Published June 7, 2016 by GravediggerNALK

Disclaimer: This is a repost of a review I wrote for another, now inactive, blog.

The creator of Triage X is Shouji Sato, who you may already know as the character designer and illustrator of Highschool of the Dead. Triage X is his own work, where he writes the story in addition to illustrating it. If you are completely turned off by female breasts bouncing around and defying the laws of both physics and human anatomy, or if you were unable to enjoy Highschool of the Dead’s plot due to the aforementioned breasts, then this show is probably not for you. Like Highschool of the Dead, Triage X has an action-oriented story full of characters that have mostly interesting personal histories hidden behind their large mammaries. I enjoy the plot hidden behind the titties included in both the anime and the manga of Highschool of the Dead and Triage X, and only hope that you can too.  Now that the boob-disclaimer-paragraph is finished, let us actually talk about the show.

The main cast of characters are a group of assassins, known as Black Label, that carry out vigilante justice at the request of their leader, Masamune Mochizuki. Their “base” is Mochizuki General Hospital. Most of the protagonist-group members are legitimate medical professionals that spend their days tending to the sick and injured. Apart from the hospital staff, Black Label includes the main male character, the highschooler named Arashi Mikami, his senior, noted as the main female character, Mikoto Kiba, and a 14-year old idol and explosives expert named Oriha Nashida.

Mochizuki’s intent, AKA Black Label’s intent, is to cure the so-called “cancers of society,” which are the people that have spread chaos, corruption, and oppression throughout the city.

Black Label isn’t the only party in the city with similar goals, however. Another organization exists that seems to have a goal not unlike Black Label and continues to butt heads with Black Label members during missions. Also, Detective Isoroku Tatara, with his “well-endowed” partner Konomi Suzue at his side, is attempting to wage his own war on corruption in Tobioka City and put an end to the vigilante justice performed by Black Label, but he finds that trying to settle things lawfully is hard to do when bound by the law.

This first season is one that they are really going to be able to build off of if the anime adaptation is green-lit to continue. The backstories to many of the characters have been detailed or at least touched upon, and the main story has been started with its own backstory explained, at least from the viewpoint of Dr. Mochizuki. With what it gets accomplished in those areas, a second season should be able to go full throttle.

All of that being said, the season feels very short, though a big part of that is due to the season only being 10 episodes.  Almost half of the season is dedicated to the motivations and relationships of the Black Label members, which is good for character and world building, but it leaves a lot to be desired, though that may be intentionally, leaving the audience wanting more.

Admittedly, Arashi and Mikoto are a bit generic. Arashi’s past makes him question his existence. He has a co-worker or two that have feelings for him, he has a classmate that does not know about his life as an assassin that has feelings for him, and he doesn’t seem to be very aware about any of them.  Mikoto comes to develop intimate feeling for her partner, but, despite being the beautiful, clean upperclassman at school or the brash, energetic tomboy at work, she just gets too flustered to say anything to him about it.  Each character, despite the previously mentioned generic harem-series-traits of Arashi and Mikoto, have personalities and fighting styles all of their own, which I hope continues to develop as the series continues.

Much like Highschool of the Dead, the antagonists tend to be misogynistic enough to make me start to stop enjoying the show when they start their “playing,” but the scenes only last for brief moments and I definitely get the feeling that those that end up surviving will eventually meet brutal fates.

Overall, I am going to say that the first season of the Triage X anime is one worth watching. It is far more than average, and hopefully a continuation will only improve upon what has been laid down so far.  If you do not take the opening and ending credits into account, the series can be “marathoned” in around three hours; If any of this sounded interesting, you have no excuse not to go give it a try.

Grade: B-


Title: Triage X (JPN:  トリアージX )
Format: TV series
Length: 10 episodes (approx. 23 minutes per episode)
Director(s): Akio Takami, Takao Kato
Original Story: Shouji Satou
Studio: Xebec
Anime Licensed in USA by: Sentai Filmworks
Anime Streamed in USA by: Crunchyroll
Manga Published in USA by: Yen Press
Genre(s): Action, Ecchi
Date: April 9, 2015 – June 11, 2015


2 comments on “Anime Review #004 – Triage X

  • I found some fairly uncomforatble moments while watching this anime but quite enjoyed the concept and some of the action sequences. I found the main character to be really bland but the other characters kind of made up for it.
    Thanks for sharing your views.

  • I like this series more than most fan service shows. There is some interesting setup here, but who knows if we will get a second season to pay it off. Like many shows I suspect the anime is more an advert to entice viewers to read the manga.

    Yeah, the main character is pretty dull. Male protagonists tend to be uninteresting in shows that have a large female support cast. My fave characters were the nurse and pop idol.

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