30 Days of Anime Challenge: Day 14 – Favorite Drama/Romance Anime

Published August 7, 2017 by GravediggerNALK


Starts off a tad cliché, but develops as one of the cutest short romance anime that I’ve seen.  It’s a harem anime, but it lets you know early on who’s really in charge.  I can’t really say more than that without just telling the plot of the show.

It’s 13 episodes and the last episode is the lowest point of the series, but it’s fine otherwise.  There is a manga, which I believe covers the same as the anime, but it is originally a light novel series.


One comment on “30 Days of Anime Challenge: Day 14 – Favorite Drama/Romance Anime

  • As soon as you mention a light novel adaptation, the mind of vivid anime fan shakes vigorously as they want to believe that the show won’t pummel down on the ground as a cookie cutter.
    A lot of light novel adaptations have unfortunately gone down the very same dissatisfying route, hence the whole shmick about it. But at the end of the day we all just enjoy it for what it is, right?!

    Oh and if you’re wondering why I said those things above; it is because of your description of your favorite rom-com show–it is the exact same of OreImo.
    See now, two light novel adaptations went down the same way. 😦

    Let us hope for a savior to save the day with a light novel adaptation that doesn’t have a bad ending!

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