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30 Days of Anime Challenge: Day 17 – Favorite Comedy Anime

Published August 10, 2017 by GravediggerNALK

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Truly a classic.  Golden Boy is 6 episodes of pure comedy.  Kintaro Oe leaves school right before graduation and travels around Japan working new jobs and learning about the world around him.  In addition to his insatiable desire to learn is an equally powerful lust of women.  He uses his knowledge to do his best to woo the women he meets in his travels, but he generally fails . . . he thinks.

The OST is light and really sets the mood the entire way through.  The animation is not always of the highest quality, but it works perfectly.  Both the Japanese and English voice acting fit Golden Boy perfectly, and it would be wrong to say that it should sound any other way.  An HD remaster of this OVA series would be a great sight to see, and I patiently await the day I can throw money at one.